Safety Procedures

Bounce Houses: During this time you deserve to relax and enjoy your event with your family safely. Our inflatables are inspected, safe, insured & sanitized. Our team will set up the bounce house or party event, review your contract, and train you about safety to protect your family. Yes! A one on one with our team employees. Because we care about your family! As a grand opening, All Our bounce houses and combo houses will rent for 24 hrs from 9 am to pick up time 9 am next morning. 

Laser tag: is a safe game and there is no physical contact. Laser Tag Rules: no running; no climbing; no jumping; no physical contact; foul language; keep both hands on the phaser all the time; not blocking head sensors; not bullying; keep both feet on the floor; shoes are required, no sandals, no barefoot, no high heels or socks; no food or personal items on the arena; only the cell phone if you choose the game option and it would be at customer risk; any person who suffers from any conditions like asthma, epilepsy, seizures, heart problems, blood pressure, with surgeries or any health conditions should not play laser tag; any misconduct deemed inappropriate in the game will cause for dismissal for the game with no refunds! 


Coronavirus or Covid19 cleaning process & delivery. At Banana Bouncing Party the safety of your family and our employees is our top priority. We are always looking for the correct cleaning protocols regarding the current situation with covid19. Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every use and before events. With every process, we always followed CDC guidelines to keep all of the products safe at all times.