About Us

Creating Unique Experiences for Every Family

Banana Bouncing Party is a small growing family Business. We are committed to providing safe, fun, and family values.

We have multiple fun bounce houses, mobile water tag, mobile laser tag, and customizable backyard set up to make your experience uniques. Soon, we will be expanding and adding to our line of products new and amazing new things.

We want to help you create a fun and amazon party where your entire family and friends can connect, enjoy, and create long-lasting memories.

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

Our Story

My name is Norma Acosta. I have spent over 20 years in the retail industry as an operational and sales manager. I have conscientious work to provide my family the future they deserve. Therefore, I understand life's priority and how important family is. Every time I have time off, I dedicate and enjoy every moment I have with my family. I enjoy seeing my family laugh and use their imagination. That is how the idea of Banana Bouncing Party started. Now that my kids are grown-ups, we have decided to start our Family Business to help other families connect and grow stronger together. 

I am proud to introduce the Co-Owners of Banana Bouncing Party Bryant and Naomi Valentin. They have recently started their work journey but already understand the concept of hard work and commitment towards our clients.